Asparagus – Healthy, exciting and stimulating vegetables

It is thought that the Romans cultivated asparagus. Maybe he did so after Germany? In the middle of the 19 Century there was asparagus in the pharmacies to purchase .

Today we go to the supermarket or we buy it directly at the market stall. Meanwhile, he is very popular and not just because it tastes so delicious, no, he also has health benefits and is an absolute slimming . Since we can quiet times polish off a few more bars ! In the stomach, they are guaranteed not to press.

In earlier times it was not exactly appreciated by the hard working people. He simply has too few calories, 100 grams of asparagus have only 17 At the present time it is an ideal food.

Should fit asparagus as slimming If the bikini again soon, it is advisable to sprinkle the asparagus with a little butter and season with nutmeg and pepper. Previously, the asparagus cooking course. Green cook about 10 minutes, the white man twice as long. If we let the salt away, the ausschwemmende effect is still present and we can integrate the asparagus well in a detox . Potassium in asparagus causes detoxification.

The containing also in asparagus asparagine supports the liver and the bile in their function and activates the kidneys . Thus, metabolic waste products are removed more effectively . But also vitamin B1, vitamin C and iron is in the white or green rod . Enjoy quiet times white and green asparagus, the ingredients are distributed differently .Asparagus tastes without straining and during intensive fitness training and some detox days, she’s back, the bikini figure. Or at least a dress size. For diabetics, the asparagus is also a blessing, 400g these are just a bread unit.