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Meanwhile, originally from Switzerland, specialty is literally on everyone’s lips : the cereal. Whether the morning and start the day, as a snack, as fuel for the next sporting challenge or to promote a good recovery after workout – a delicious, crunchy cereal tastes good.

Muesli is not the same granola

As so often within a healthy diet, it is also particularly important to pay attention to the composition and quality of cereals. The supermarket shelves are overflowing with products that are indeed cheap, but are made of inferior ingredients and are usually provided with a large amount of sugar, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, flavors, colors or preservatives. As you know from previous articles on and our weekly healthy and delicious recipe ideas, determines our diet to a significant portion of our health, our fitness and our appearance.

Muesli relies on organic quality

A wonderful alternative to ordinary supermarket muesli with mostly poor quality offers the wide range of delicious muesli variations of muesli. In muesli you can either draw from a wide range of ready mixes or create you your own personal, private cereal. With 80 different ingredients endless variations for every possible individual claim are miscible. Muesli attaches great importance to the quality of its ingredients, all of which come from ecologically controlled, fair and sustainable cultivation and free, fragrances, dyes, or preservatives are of added sugar. The offer is huge: nutty, chocolatey, fruity or tropical exotic, for kids, for babies, especially for women or men – everyone will find it here.