It is healthy to eat more fruits and vegetables in everyday life

Especially working people find it difficult to consume per day actually five servings of fruits and vegetables. They lack the stress of everyday work simply the time to nibble in between the goodies . For these individuals, therefore, must be the ultimate goal, to distribute the necessary amount for the morning and evening for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, a smart diet ensures that even when working healthy meals on the table. How this works? We give it away

Who wants to take as many vitamins in one sitting, you should go for juices and smoothies – and not on products from the supermarket, but on homemade drinks. In the finished products not only preservatives and Co. are included, but also sugar for a sweet taste often used. If you prepare the drink itself, however, you can even decide on all ingredients. For the preparation is otherwise a juicer (for juice) or a blender (for smoothies) indispensable. These tools can be ordered at about

Whether you want to dare your first turns or equal experiments but first want to prepare recipes from a book or the Internet, it remains up to you . Do not be timid when it comes to fruit and vegetables to unite with each other, who do not like go together so well at first glance . Not infrequently, this created the most delicious drinks!

However, smoothies and juices are more for the morning or light meal . At dinnertime, a meal must be found, which is rich in vitamins and thereby successfully combat hunger. You should rely on quick stir-fries with various vegetables and lean meat if necessary . The best way to prepare larger amounts to the same weekend to stand during the week at the stove must not again . Remains, you can also take to work and then for dinner only prepare a saturating salad.

One piece of advice on the edge: who wants to reduce his weight at the same time, should be careful even with fruits and vegetables, tend to rely on low-calorie varieties. In the fruit, these are mainly all berries, when vegetables such as zucchini or radishes contain hardly any calories.